Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn

Funny, original, award-winning pantomime scripts
by Alan P Frayn
“I cannot remember using so many superlatives to describe one show” (The Stage)

“Exceptionally inventive – a panto that has everything!” (Amateur Stage Magazine)
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Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

The classic story is brought to life in true pantomime style, refreshed and enriched with laugh upon laugh!

Brimful of comedy, this hilarious new version takes some beating!  Original material and inventive ideas live hand in hand with the traditional story and essential pantomime fun.

The Seven Dwarfs, often (but not always) played by children, have distinct comical characters, each providing a small speaking role, ideal for youth theatre groups, dance academies or societies wishing to nurture young talent.

A brand new, original comic two-some, Justice Quill and his idiotic scribe, Scribbles (acting as legal advisors to evil Queen Avarice) add to the hilarity, irony and anarchy whilst, unusually for this title, there are stacks of optional possibilities to feature the Chorus.

Cleverly avoiding the need for a large number of scene changes, this script lends itself to straight-forward staging, whilst offering boundless opportunities for the more ambitious.

Full cast and scenery requirements are listed below

Many productions of this script have won NODA and drama federation awards, including Wickham Bishops Drama Club (NODA “Best Pantomime”)!

We also offer a version of this script for schools or youth theatre groups (slightly simplified and with added lines for Chorus members).  For a Reading Copy of this, please select Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and specify “youth version” in the message box on the order form.

"...This is about as good as local family pantomime can get, its witty script peppered with one-liners in a crackingly paced favourite, written with flair by A P Frayn.  Pantostatic!” (Southern Evening Echo)
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
New Mills AO&DS
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
Friendship Theatre Group
EXCERPT from Act II Scene 1: The Dwarfs’ Cottage © Alan P Frayn
BRAINY: Let us introduce ourselves.  I’m Brainy.
SMILEY: He’s the clever one.  And I’m Smiley.
BRAINY: He’s the happy one!  (To the other 5:) Come on, your turn – and keep it short!
DOZY: I’m Dozy.
BRAINY: He’s one slice short of a loaf!
BLUSHFUL: (Shy and embarrassed at meeting a girl) I’m … oh, gosh … I’m Blushful.
SMILEY: He’s short and sweet.
SNIFFLE: I’m Sniffle.
BRAINY: He’s short of a …
SNIFFLE: (Interrupting) A … a … a … ah – tishoo!  (He sneezes into his hands.)
BRAINY: Yes, he’s short of a tissue!
SNIFFLE: How do you do.  (He shakes hands with Snow White.)
SNOW WHITE: (Looking at her hand) Err!  I see what you mean!
SNOOZY: I’m Snoozy.
SMILEY: He’s always short of sleep.
GRUMBLY: And, if you must know … I’m Grumbly.
BRAINY: He’s short tempered!
DOZY: And he’s got a short fuse!
OTHER 6: (ALL except Grumbly:) So he may be a bit short with you!  (They laugh.)
SNOW WHITE: So, do you think I could stay here with you?
DOZY: How about it, lads?
GRUMBLY: No!  Women are trouble!
SNOW WHITE: I’m a very good cook!
7 DWARFS: In that case, it’s a “yes”!
SNOW WHITE: Why, thank you – and I promise you won’t go short! … Oops, sorry!
SNOW WHITE: Young princess. (Female)
QUEEN AVARICE: The Wicked Queen, Snow White’s stepmother.  A “glamorous baddie”. (Female)
EDNA BUCKET: Pantomime Dame, the Palace housekeeper. (Obviously, best played by a man)
CHUCKLES: The Queen’s new jester. (Male or female)
PRINCE FERDINAND: Dashing young Prince. (Can either be played by male, or female as Principal Boy)
FAIRY FORTUNE: Typical good fairy character. (Female)
MERLIN or MERLINA: The voice of the Magic Mirror. (Male or female)
JUSTICE QUILL: The local magistrate. (Male or female)
SCRIBBLES: Quill’s idiotic scribe. (Male or female)
SLURP: The Queen’s henchman. (Male)
THE 7 DWARFS: 7 small speaking roles with characters in line with their names. (Mixed male and female)
CHORUS: Palace Maids/Servants
Diamond Spirits (Optional)
Spirits of the Forest
Scouts, Cubs, Guides and Brownies (Optional)
Avarice’s Minions (Optional)
Royal Courtiers
DANCERS: Featured in musical numbers as desired.  Also play the Forest Animals in some scenes. 
Scenes  (Notes on simplified scenery are also included in the script)
Prologue: Once Upon a Time … (Front of Tabs, then the Mirror set)
Scene 1 : The Palace Courtyard (Full stage exterior scene)
Scene 2 : The Queen’s Dressing Room (Front of Tabs, then Mirror)
Scene 3 : The Diamond Mine (Full stage mine interior scene)
Scene 4 : If You Go Down to the Woods Today (Half-stage scene)
Scene 5 : Deep in the Forest (Full stage woodland scene)
Scene 1 : [Optional] Carry on Camping! (As Act I Scene 4 or 5)
Scene 2 : The Dwarfs’ Cottage (As Act I Scene 5, plus cottage)
Scene 3 : The Queen’s Dressing Room (Front of Tabs, then Mirror)
Scene 4 : Meanwhile, Back at the Cottage (As Act II Scene 2)
Scene 5 : The Queen’s Dressing Room (Front of Tabs, then Mirror)
Scene 6 : The Diamond Shrine (As Act I Scene 3)
Scene 7 : Chuckle with Chuckles! (Front of Tabs)
Scene 8 : ... Happily Ever After (Probably as Act I Scene 1)

"...The tale of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs needs no introduction, but the writer of this pantomime, Alan Frayn, has produced a wonderful adaptation that sticks closely to the original story and also introduces some marvellous new characters, together with typical pantomime situations in a delightfully fast-moving show."

Dereham Times


“…Northallerton Amateur Variety Company’s pantomimes get better and better and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs by Alan Frayn was the best yet. There wasn’t a weak part in the show – it was a laugh from beginning to end!”

Darlington & Stockton Times


“…Yet another Alan P Frayn script was chosen, which was full of fun and frolics and gave a great opportunity for youngsters to take to the boards – a real mixture of traditional and new.”

NODA Report

Frant Pantomime & Dramatic Society

"...The Riverside Players, under the skillful direction of ‘Tricia Barclay, gave a first class production of Alan Frayn's well-crafted Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, thrilling their enthusiastic and vocal audiences at the Village Hall. This panto was visually pleasing, full of life and energy, with great comedy routines."

Sidmouth Herald


“…My last visit to the Medina Theatre in Newport in 2014 was to see a professional panto. As pantomimes go, it did nothing for me – however on my recent visit to the Medina Theatre I was blown away by The Wight Strollers production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Alan P Frayn. If you judge the show by the audience reaction, then this was a resounding success!”

Sardines Magazine


“…This wonderful production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with a witty up to date script by Alan Frayn, squeezed out all the panto traditions; the comedy, the pathos, the tragedy, singing, dancing … I could go on and on, but really this was a show not to be missed! That an eighteen month old toddler and an eighty year old gentleman can both be entertained non-stop for over two hours says something special is going on here!”

Hexham Courant


"...We always go for a professional script. My experience of scripts written locally or by members of the company is not good, so I like to keep to the tried and tested. For the past 2 years [now 11!] we've used Alan Frayn of Stage Right Creative (whom the NODA SW Representative for pantomimes believes to be the best script writer for amateur groups in the UK) ... I agree with him! This year was to be no exception."

SFD Spotlight Magazine

Frome Musical Theatre Company

“…The script, by Alan Frayn, was very funny. The running gag (the two level technical talk by Quill and Scribbles) was very clever and the jokes from Chuckles and Edna Bucket kept the audience smiling and chuckling throughout. Another beauty of this production is the large number of roles available for young people, provided great stage experience.”

NODA Report

Wickham Bishops Drama Club

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